A Practical Approach To Forming And Strengthening Of Metallic Components Using Impact Treatment

Author:  Meguid, S.A. and Duxbury, J.K.
Source:  Conf Proc: ICSP-1, (p.217-228)
Doc ID:  1981001
Year of Publication:  1981
The experimental program utilized a combination of newly developed techniques to measure average jet velocity using phototransistors and arc heights using strain gages, and methods using high-speed photography and Almen gage. Micro- and macrostructural analyses were conducted to determine the effect of a particular parameter upon the depth of the plastically deformed zone. For the shot-peening and peen-forming processes the influence of the shot size and material, the speed of the jet and its angle of impact, the intensity and time of exposure, are discussed with regard to their beneficial effects. The study also provides a detailed analysis of the effect of impact treatment upon the surface profile of target materials (steel) using an automated, fully computerized, profile-tracing equipment. Descriptors: Steels-- Surface finishing; Shot peening; Forming; Particle size; Surface finish

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