Amelioration De La Tenue A La Fatigue - Corrosion D'organes De Turbines Hydrauliques

Author:  Waldura, H.
Source:  Conf Proc: ICSP-1, (p. 37-44)
Doc ID:  1981006
Year of Publication:  1981
Hydraulic turbine components such as runners, blades and shafts are subjected to fatigue corrosion stresses. To improve their behavior in operation the critical areas of these components are treated by shot peening. The life of the components is significantly increased when such treatment is performed according to an appropriate procedure. The surfaces of steels XC38 and 25CD4 should be coated with a special paint after a shot peening treatment. Descriptors: Hydraulic turbines; Shot peening; Fatigue life; Corrosion fatigue; Structural steels-- Corrosion; Chromium molybdenum steels-- Corrosion

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