Ball-drop Plate Bending: An Experimental Study Of Some Of Its Process Variables

Author:  Ghosh, Johnson, Mamalis
Source:  Conf Proc: ICSP-1, (p.573-582)
Doc ID:  1981009
Year of Publication:  1981
For the ball-drop plate bending process (analogous to orthodox peen forming except that the balls used are very much larger and the impact speed very much less), a brief literature survey is presented. Typical results are reported of an experimental investigation concerning the effects of some variables in this impact process on the curvature acquired by initially flat strips. The experimental set-up used is described and measurements of the surface finish of the target plates (A1, Cu, mild steel) after bombardment are presented. Descriptors: Aluminum-- Metal working; Copper-- Metal working; Carbon steels-- Metal working; Bending; Shot peening

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