Caracterisation Par Diffraction X D'une Couche Grenaillee

Author:  Maeder, Lebrun, Diament
Source:  Conf Proc: ICSP-1, (p.263-270)
Doc ID:  1981012
Year of Publication:  1981
Depth profiles of macroscopic residual stress and microdeformation were determined on specimens of 60SC7 spring steel oil quenched from 850 deg. C and tempered at 425 deg. C (HRC - 51), then peened to Almen 10C and 12A. Residual stresses at the surface were approx. 700 MPa in compression for both treatments; they extended approx. 200 mu m for 12 A and 130 mu m for 10C. Microdeformation extended 82 mu m for 12A and 130 mu m for 10C. The Almen values correlate with the area under the curve of residual stress vs. depth, not with surface values. The domain size and distortion in the plastically deformed layer do not change much with depth but do change with intensity of peening. Descriptors: Spring steels-- Mechanical properties; Shot peening; Residual stress; X ray stress analysis

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