Einfluss Des Kugelstrahlens Auf Die Schwing.von Fedest.bei Untersch.randent.und Versch.reinheits.

Author:  Kloos, K.H. and Kaiser, B.
Source:  Conf Proc: ICSP-1, (p.359-366)
Doc ID:  1981024
Year of Publication:  1981
The fatigue life properties of components are decidedly influenced by the condition of the surface zone. Shot peening has been used for a long time as a very effective and economical surface method for increasing the dynamic strength of high-output springs, in which advantageous stress systems are produced in the surface zone and the disadvantageous effect of small surface defects are lessened or can be eliminated. Except for microgeometric surface defects, larger nonmetallic surface area inclusions and structure changes (as a result of surface decarburization and oxidation) can negatively affect the dynamic strength properties, especially of high-strength springs and spring steels. The results presented from approx 800 cyclic stress tests and numerous accompanying tests on spring steel 55Cr3 (Material No. 1.7176) show that, by shot peening, the dynamic strength of material with larger nonmetallic inclusions or decarburized surface zones can be considerably improved. Descriptors: Spring steels-- Mechanical properties; Shot peening; Decarburizing; Fatigue life; Surface defects

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