Fatigue Life Improvement Of High-strength Materials By Shot Peening

Author:  Schutz, W.
Source:  Conf Proc: ICSP-1, (p.423-434)
Doc ID:  1981026
Year of Publication:  1981
Shot peening for the fatigue strength improvement of aircraft components by residual compressive stresses was investigated to optimize shot peening for three high-strength materials under constant amplitude loads. The possible fatigue life increases by using the optimized methods in realistic load sequences and the changes in residual stress during realistic load sequences were also determined. The studies were made using AZ74.61 (A1ZnMgCuAg, German aircraft material designation 3.4354.7, a Ag-bearing A1 alloy, Ti--6A1--6V--2Sn (3.7174.1) and X2NiCoMo18/9/5 (1.6354.9), a maraging steel. Descriptors: Maraging steels-- Mechanical properties; Aluminum base alloys-- Mechanical properties; Titanium base alloys-- Mechanical properties; Fatigue life; Shot peening; Aircraft components

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