General Aspects Of Shot Peening, Criteria Of Parameters Selection

Author:  Burakowski, T. and Nakonieczny, A.
Source:  Conf Proc: ICSP-1, (p.139-146)
Doc ID:  1981027
Year of Publication:  1981
Parameters affecting the shot-peening process of spring steels and quality of peened parts are shot peening equipment, types and size of shot, peening intensity and surface coverage. The shot peening process requires an accurate selection of shot-peening parameters, based on nondestructive testing of surface layer, having regard to an adequate criterion of mechanical properties, e.g. fatigue life. In practical condition it is enough to meet peening intensity demands determined by measuring deflection of the Almen test strips. Descriptors: Spring steels-- Surface finishing; Carbon steels-- Surface finishing; Shot peening-- Quality control; Fatigue life; Surface structure

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