Influence Of Shot Peening On The Fatigue Behaviour Of A Precipitation Hardenable Austenitic Steel

Author:  Hornbogen, Thumann, Verpoort
Source:  Conf Proc: ICSP-1, (p.381-388)
Doc ID:  1981034
Year of Publication:  1981
In precipitation hardenable alloys the number of cycles required for crack initiation during fatigue is strongly influenced by the microscopic slip distribution. The microscopic slip distribution can be varied in a wide range by different thermomechanical treatments. If the plastic deformation in the material is distributed homogeneously, crack initiation requires a large number of cycles but cracks propagate quickly. To investigate the effect of the slip distribution on the fatigue behavior the untreated condition was compared with a cold rolled (bulk deformation) and a shot peened condition (surface deformation) in A286 steel. Optimum fatigue life was achieved by shot peening leading to an extremely homogeneous slip distribution in the surface. In addition the fatigue behavior of shot-peened specimens at high temp. was investigated. It was found that a homogeneous slip distribution leads to a significant improvement of fatigue life, even at high test temp. Descriptors: Superalloys-- Mechanical properties; Precipitation hardening steels-- Mechanical properties; Shot peening; Slip; Fatigue life; Crack propagation

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