Kugelstrahl - Umformen - Ein Flexibles Umformverfahren

Author:  Kopp, R. and Hornauer, K.P.
Source:  Conf Proc: ICSP-1, (p.541-554)
Doc ID:  1981041
Year of Publication:  1981
In shot-peen forming accelerated balls are shot on sheet structural parts, which change their form depending on jet intensity, jet direction and the mechanical characteristics of balls and structural parts. Relationships between these parameters are reported. At first the plastic flow of material, plastic zone, strain, strain rate, stresses, residual stresses and forces are analyzed in peening with a single ball. Then some aspects of the residual stress and the relationship between the jet way and the form of the structural parts are given in shot peening with two or more balls. A simple relationship between peening parameters and the change in average value of curvature of the structural parts is derived. A table of forms, which can be produced by shot-peen forming is given. Descriptors: Sheet metal-- Metal working; Shot peening; Forming; Plastic flow; Strain rate; Curvature

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