Mechanical Aspects Of Residual Stress Development In Shot Peening

Author:  Al-Hassani, S.T.S.
Source:  Conf Proc: ICSP-1, (p.583-602)
Doc ID:  1981050
Year of Publication:  1981
Research on shot peening parameters has so far been of an experimental nature. An attempt is made to highlight the main aspects of the process with a view to embracing a wide body of related phenomena which will assist in future analytical work. Shot peening is viewed as a multiple impact process. Interaction between shot and target is discussed and the sequence of events during the loading and unloading cycles which lead to residual stress development are examined. Attention is focused on single ball impact to obtain simple expressions for the depth of the plastic zone and how it is influenced by the velocity and density of the shot and the strength of the target. The theoretical expressions compare well with experiments. Further discussions are presented on the influence of strain rate and strain hardening and reference is made to concepts such as shakedown and Bauschinger effect. Descriptors: Shot peening; Residual stress; Strain hardening; Bauschinger effect

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