Residual Stress And Fatigue Strength Of Surface Hardened Components

Author:  Koibuchi, Hayama, Kawai
Source:  Conf Proc: ICSP-1, (p.413-422)
Doc ID:  1981056
Year of Publication:  1981
The strengthening effect due to surface hardening can be estimated by the dependency of the fatigue strength of hardened material on the residual stress that is equivalent to mean stress. However, the residual stress sometimes decays with plastic strain repeated in unhardened material under the hardened layer induced by cyclic loading. In induction-hardened gears of 0.43% carbon steel, the hardening must be thick enough not to cause cyclic plastic strain under the hardened layer. In welded joints of SS41, HT60 and HT80 steels strengthening is not always possible by peening. This is due to the plastic deformation or fatigue failure of the internal unhardened material. Descriptors: Carbon steels-- Mechanical properties; High strength low alloy steels-- Mechanical properties; Gears; Surface hardening; Fatigue strength; Shot peening

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