Role Du Grenaillage Sur Duree Vie En Torsion Ondulee D'un Acier Ressort Traite Haut Niveau De Resist

Author:  Heinrich, Mas, Lemaitre, Lumet, Boussea
Source:  Conf Proc: ICSP-1, (p.341-350)
Doc ID:  1981058
Year of Publication:  1981
45SCD6 steel is used in the making of either spiral or logitudinal springs. Generally, after oil quenching, it is annealed in the temp. range 425 to 450 deg. C. To use it at a higher strength level, annealing has been done at 200 and 300 deg. C. Under torsion the yield strength can be greatly increased by overstraining. Under pulsating torsion stresses (R sub s = 0.3), for a 1370 MPa max. stress, the fatigue life is approx. 65 000 cycles. Shot peening carried out after overstraining allows fatigue life time to reach 2.10 exp 6 cycles. Descriptors: Spring steels-- Mechanical properties; Fatigue life; Shot peening; Prestressing; Fracture toughness

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