Shot Peening As A Stress Corrosion Preventive In Al-zn-mg Welded Joints

Author:  Birley, S. S.
Source:  Conf Proc: ICSP-1, (p.529-540)
Doc ID:  1981062
Year of Publication:  1981
Residual stresses in unpeened welded joints are compared with stresses in similar joints which had been peened. Peening introduces a compressive stress-depth distribution which is independent of the distribution which existed prior to peening. The effects of the shot-peening variables are described and the stress distribution induced by shot peening is compared with other mechanical treatments, such as needle peening, hammer peening, roto peening, roller burnishing, grit blasting and vibratory stress relieving and with thermal stress relieving. Discussion is centered on the effect of these treatments as stress corrosion preventives in A1--4.5Zn--2.5Mg alloy plate edges, with reference to the effect of shot peening before, rather than after, welding. Descriptors: Aluminum base alloys-- Corrosion; Shot peening; Stress relieving; Stress corrosion cracking; Welded joints-- Corrosion

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