The Control Of Manual Shot Peening

Author:  Clarke, D. and Birley, S.S.
Source:  Conf Proc: ICSP-1, (p.167-174)
Doc ID:  1981069
Year of Publication:  1981
The control of shot peening is paramount in insuring that metal parts are correctly treated. The development of the control parameters, Almen intensity and coverage, and procedures necessary for the satisfactory manual shot peening of an A1 alloy A1--4.5Zn--2.5Mg, which required the introduction of a particular stress-depth distribution, are described. Reference is made to the influence of Almen intensity, coverage, shot size and quality on the stress distribution and techniques are suggested which could minimize the risk factors of 'operator integrity' and 'operator bias' inherent in all manual shot-peening operations. The application of the control parameters to standardizing different manual shot-peening plants is described and some effects of overpeening and the treatment of different A1 alloys A1-4Zn--2Mg and A1--4.5Zn--2.5Mg are discussed. Descriptors: Aluminum base alloys-- Surface finishing; Shot peening; Quality control

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