The Evolution Of Centrifugal Wheel Shot Peening In Aerospace Industry And Recent Applications

Author:  Baughman, D. L.
Source:  Conf Proc: ICSP-1, (p.101-108)
Doc ID:  1981073
Year of Publication:  1981
Traditional methods of shot peening, with air nozzles, have been eclipsed by centrifugal wheel peening machines in many applications. New equipment designs and methods have been developed which offer high capacity, uniform coverage and programable control repeatability. Tests are described which show the centrifugal wheels achieve more precise shot velocity control than air nozzles while being many times more energy efficient. Special, aimable, centrifugal wheel peening systems have been developed for the aerospace industry to form wing skins to contour, improve the fatigue life of parts and prevent stress corrosion cracking. Descriptors: Aircraft components-- Surface finishing; Shot peening; Centrifuging; Forming; Wheels

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