The Fatigue Strength And Fracture Morphology Of Leaf Spring Steel After Prestressed Shot Peening

Author:  J. Xu, D. Zhang, B. Shen
Source:  Conf Proc: ICSP-1, (p.367-374)
Doc ID:  1981074
Year of Publication:  1981
Investigations were made on the pulsating bending fatigue properties, residual stress and fracture topography of prestressed shot-peened leaf springs made of steel grade 55SiMnVB. The fatigue fracture topographies were observed with SEM and TEM. It has been found that there is a difference between the fracture topography of specimens with or without compressive residual stress. An index is proposed to evaluate the effect of compressive residual stress. Descriptors: Spring steels-- Mechanical properties; Shot peening; Fatigue strength; Fractography; Crack propagation; Residual stress

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