Use of Shot Peening to Delay Stress Corrosion Crack Initiation in Austenitic 8Mn8Ni4Cr Generator End Ring Steel

Author:  Wigmore, G. and Miles, L.
Source:  Conf Proc: ICSP-1, (p. 61-70)
Doc ID:  1981079
Year of Publication:  1981
Shot peening is shown to delay stress corrosion crack initiation in austenitic 8Mn8Ni4Cr generator end ring steel in aqueous environments. However, for max. protection, an optimum peening intensity exists; beyond this the decrease in resistance to cracking is shown to result from the formation of deformation-induced martensite. Similar effect are expected from shot peening of other austenitic steels which can transform to martensite by deformation, and thus, in an environment likely to lead to stress corrosion, the choice of peening parameters can be critical. Descriptors: Austenitic stainless steels-- Corrosion; Stress corrosion cracking; Shot peening; Martensitic transformations

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