Using Stress Peen Forming Process For Integrally Stiffened Wing Panels

Author:  Li, K.
Source:  Conf Proc: ICSP-1, (p.555-564)
Doc ID:  1981080
Year of Publication:  1981
The features of stress peen-forming are discussed by analysing the forming principles and through experimental research. If the wing panel is elasticly prebended in the chordwise direction during peen-forming, the chordwise contour curvature will be further increased, and at the same time the spanwise contour curvature will be decreased, thus the trend in conventional peen-forming for panel taking on the spherical shape can be conquered by using the stress peen-forming to a great extent. The result of experiment shows that the curvature radius in the prebending direction is inversely proportional to the peening pressure, the shot size and the prebending value under the saturated peen-forming condition, but it is independent of the nozzle stand-off distance (within 100 to 300 mm). In the paper, one practical example about forming integrally stiffened wing panels by stress peen-forming in the industrial applications is described. Descriptors: Stress peen-forming; Conventional peen-forming; Curvature radius of limit; Prebending value; Wing panel

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