An Engineering Approach To Shot Peening Mechanics

Author:  Al-Hassani, S.T.S.
Source:  Conf Proc: ICSP-2, (p.275-282)
Doc ID:  1984001
Year of Publication:  1984
A simple theoretical analysis of the shot peening process is presented. The process is viewed as one involving multiple and progressively repeated impact. The residual stress field under each impact interacts with similarly produced neighbouring fields to finally produce a residual stress distribution varying in depth but uniform in planes, parallel to the surface. Non-dimensional numbers which are useful for similarity considerations are introduced. New concepts such as shakedown, reversed plastic yielding and Bauschinger effect as well as strain rate are thought to contribute a significant role in the process. Descriptors: Analysis; Residual stress distribution; Arc height; shakedown; Nondimensional numbers

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