Combined Surface Treatment By Shot Peening And Power Brushing

Author:  Hirose, Moriya, Harada, Yamada
Source:  Conf Proc: ICSP-2, (p. 50-57)
Doc ID:  1984006
Year of Publication:  1984
It has been found that a larger improvement of fatigue strength of machine elements has been obtained by combined processing of both shot peening and power brushing than by either process alone, whereas power brushing alone has almost the same effect as shot peening, on the improvement of fatigue strength. On one hand, the authors have tried repeated plane bending fatigue tests using specimens of Schenck type, so that the effects of combined processing could be clarified, and max. improvement of fatigue strength of 79% was obtained. The residual stress distribution in the direction of depth was also examined. On the other hand, provided that the shot peened surface layer was removed chemically by about the depth where the peak stress existed, the fatigue strength, furthermore, increased and showed 98.3% of improvement. However, such an improvement was not recognized in the case of power brushing alone. Descriptors: Carbon tool steels-- Mechanical properties; Components-- Mechanical properties; Fatigue strength-- Deformation effects; Shot peening; Wire brushing; Residual stress

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