Effect Of Shot Peening On Hardened High Carbon Steels And Its Mechanism

Author:  Jian-zong, Nai-sai, Hui-jiu
Source:  Conf Proc: ICSP-2, (p.225-230)
Doc ID:  1984014
Year of Publication:  1984
Shot peening intensity is carefully selected so as to keep the hardness unchanged in hardened high carbon steel. Tested results show that the residual stress influence the growth of cracks less than 0.05mm, which is still in the crack initiation stage from engineering point of view. For ground smooth specimens, cracks initiate at the tip of the grinding scratchs, so surface topography plays an important role to the fatigue behavior. Microstress is the third but not the least factor that should be taken into account. With a constant hardness, the effects of residual stress, surface topography and microstress relief on fatigue limit are summarized quantitatively. Descriptors: Residual stress; Crack initiation, Surface topography; Microstress relief; Fatigue strength; Shot peening

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