Finite Element Studies Into Incomplete Coverage In Shot Peening

Author:  Meguid, S.A. and Klair, M.S.
Source:  Conf Proc: ICSP-2, (p.306-315)
Doc ID:  1984023
Year of Publication:  1984
The present study examines two aspects of the co-indentation process; in particular it was desired to investigate: (i) the influence of punch separation upon the resulting residual stress field, and (ii) the successive development of and interaction between the plastic zones for different incremental indentation pressures. The results of the work were then extended to take into account the importance of separation between punches to incomplete coverage in the shot-peening process. In particular, the work attempts to examine the critical separation beyond which the relevant residual stresses change from compression to tensile. The present work highlights the fact that compressive residual stresses resulting from incomplete coverage were attained even for a large separation ratio (e.g., c/a = 4). Descriptors: Co-indentation; Fatigue; Finite-element; Incomplete-coverage; Plastic-zone; Residual stresses; Shot-peening

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