Influence Of Residual Stress On Fatigue Lilmit In Various Carbon Steels

Author:  Jia-wen, Zhi-zhong, Ding-quan
Source:  Conf Proc: ICSP-2, (p.340-345)
Doc ID:  1984032
Year of Publication:  1984
During cyclic loading, a high strength steel specimen consumes most of its life in the low crack growth rate region, which is characterized by transgranular slip decoherence and fine spacing striations. The residual stress distribution pattern in this region will greatly influence the fatigue behavior. In order to estimate the fatigue limit, an average value of residual stress in the low crack growth rate region is suggested. In taking this value into account the slope of the straight line in the Goodman relation decreases with the increase of strength or hardness. A correlation is shown to exist between the static strength and fatigue limit. Descriptors: Residual stress; Fatigue limit; Crack growth; Goodman relation; Shot peening

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