Influence Of Shot Peening With Diff.peen.mater.on Stress Corr.and Corr.fat.behavior Of Weld.a1znmg

Author:  Koehler, W.
Source:  Conf Proc: ICSP-2, (p.126-132)
Doc ID:  1984036
Year of Publication:  1984
Using the alloy A1Zn4.5Mg2 as an example, the influence of shot peening on the stress corrosion resistance and corrosion fatigue behavior was investigated. Welded tensile test samples of the alloy were shot peened with glass, steel and ceramic beads as well as granulated Aluminium material. The samples were tested in 2% and 3.5% NaC1-solution for stress corrosion resistance. With glass, steel and Granal, a significant improvement of life over 60 days without fracture was achieved in these tests. Furthermore, a significant improvement of the corrosion fatigue behavior in 2% NaC1 was achieved. For better understanding the mechanism involved, the residual compressive stresses were measured by X-ray methods. The individual results of the stress and fatigue corrosion tests and the effect of peening will be discussed. Descriptors: A1ZnMg-alloys; Stress corrosion; Corrosion fatigue; Shot peening; Residual stress

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