Influence Of Shot-peening On Fatigue And Corrosion-fatigue Behavior Of Structural Steel

Author:  Kirk, D. and Jarrett, M.
Source:  Conf Proc: ICSP-2, (p.133-142)
Doc ID:  1984037
Year of Publication:  1984
The influence of surface finish upon the fatigue/corrosion-fatigue behaviour of a weldable grade of structural steel has been studied in both air and artificial sea water. The results have shown shot-peening to have a harmful effect at high applied stress, while showing an increasingly beneficial effect at lower applied stress, in both air and in sea water. The increase in corrosion-fatigue life is thought to be due primarily to an extension of the initiation stage of the fracture process. X-ray residual stress analysis performed on modified test specimens has indicated the presence of three distinct regions of surface stress relaxation during cycling. Descriptors: Corrosion-fatigue; Structural steel; Shot-peening; Residual stress

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