Investigations On Peen Forming (3rd Report: Applications For The Improvement Of Shape Accuracy)

Author:  Kondo, Kato, Sugimoto.
Source:  Conf Proc: ICSP-2, (p. 22-27)
Doc ID:  1984041
Year of Publication:  1984
The shape accuracy of the products in press bending is rather low because of spring back phenomenon. In this report the application of peen forming as a means for the improvement of shape accuracy is dealt with. Peen forming accompanying elastic pre-bending enables stable precise V-bending of thin phosphor bronze sheet regardless of the fluctuation of the sheet thickness. By applying auxiliary peen forming at the final stage of the press U-bending just before taking out the product, the desired fit product to the punch shape can be obtained. Descriptors: Shape accuracy; Stable precise bending; Auxiliary means; U-bending

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