Application Of Shot Peening And Blasting Methods In The Aircraft Industry

Author:  Nagel, G.
Source:  Conf Proc: ICSP-3, (p.111-115)
Doc ID:  1987003
Year of Publication:  1987
In the aircraft industry exist a lot of applications for shot peening and blasting. Forming of aircraft wing sections is a well known procedure. Shot peening of forgings manufactured from A1 and Ti is necessary before the parts will be installed into the airframe. During overhaul a great number of high heat treated steel parts will be shot peened for bettering the fatigue life and for corrosion prevention. Nearly all parts of the undercarriages of the aircrafts are chrome-plated in areas of high stresses. Before chrome-plating the parts must be shot peened to compensate the tensile stress of the chrome deposits by producing compressive stresses. Turbine blades and vanes will be peened by glass-beads to get better fatigue life. Many aircraft parts from the airframe from undercarriages and from the engines will be overhauled by application of plating deposits. To get a good adhesion between base material and the layer, the parts will be blasted for activation by A1-Oxid. All peening and blasting procedures must be carried out accurately with reliable and repeatable processes.

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