Application Of The Incremental Hole Drilling Method For The Measurement Of Residual Stress Distribution In Shot-peened Compon

Author:  Lu, J. and Flavenot, J.F.
Source:  Conf Proc: ICSP-3, (p.279-286)
Doc ID:  1987004
Year of Publication:  1987
Shot-peening is now a very well known manufacturing operation, the industrial applications of which are many and varied. The residual compression stresses generated in the surface layers of mechanical parts make this process a very useful tool for improving the resistance of manufactured parts to fatigue failure, corrosion fatigue or stress corrosion. Various methods have been developed to measure residual stresses due to shot-peening. These include: the x-ray diffraction method, the incremental hole drilling method and the bending deflection method. This document describes recent developments in the incremental hole drilling method and its applications in the field of shot-peening, together with the various measurement technique problems involved in this specific treatment.

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