Automated Shot Peen Quality Control Through The Use Of Parametric Sensors

Author:  R. Gillespie, and W. Hasty Jr
Source:  Conf Proc: ICSP-3, (p. 93-99)
Doc ID:  1987005
Year of Publication:  1987
This paper describes a microprocessor controlled multi-nozzle peening system designed to achieve the desired intensity and coverage called out on the engineering drawing. The development of this type of automated, parametrically controlled shot peen system by the Metal Improvement Company was necessitated by the ever increasing complexity of aircraft hardware manufactured by the General Electric Company. The required parameters for intensity, shot mass flow, air pressure, oscillation, turntable rotation and cycle time are entered into the computer by means of a micro cassette. Each of the preceding parameters is individually controlled through minimum and maximum limits, which shut down the equipment when exceeded. A comprehensive data record is produced during the peening cycle as is illustrated in Table I. The record consists of recorded parameters for shot flow, air pressure, oscillation rate and position, turntable rotation and time measurement increment. At the completion of all cycles a permanent record has been produced which can be used as a Cetificate of Conformance. Prior to the development of parametric sensors the operator had very little knowledge of the behavior of any parameters other than air pressure and perhaps oscillation during the peening cycle.

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