Controlled Shot Peening, Complete Plants And Examples Of Application

Author:  Bosshard, R.G. and Hornauer, K.P.
Source:  Conf Proc: ICSP-3, (p. 63-70)
Doc ID:  1987011
Year of Publication:  1987
The conception of the peening equipment and the material and shape of the peening media depends on the workpiece to be peened. This will be determined by the following facts: - Cleanness and structure of the surface - Improvement of the mechanical behavior - Changing of the geometrie These are the main facts to define which peening media shall be used. If an appropriate media has been selected, also a suitable peening equipment is necessary for the reason that different media requires specialised machinery in order to obtain high performance and quality. The linear and rotative moving for workpiece and nozzles are determined by the largeness and the geometrie of the workpiece. Peening operations with low tolerance in intensity, for instance like in the aircraft and space industry, and the asked reproducibility determines the expenses of monitoring and control. Questions of economics stipulate the value and number of the aggregates. At last the requirements of the cleanness, dimension and shape of the peening media will fix the amount of the separation plant. The following pages will show some important views of modern peening machines and some examples of application.

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