Effect Of Shot Peening Conditions On Fatigue Strength Of Two Alloys For Turboengines Disks

Author:  Guedou, and Evry
Source:  Conf Proc: ICSP-3, (p.459-466)
Doc ID:  1987020
Year of Publication:  1987
Damage of operating highly loaded parts of turboengines, especially disks, is mainly due to flight cycles "take off-cruise-landing", which are cause of low cycle fatigue phenomena, with high stress-strain amplitude and low frequency. Therefore, it is very important to improve as much as possible the fatigue strength of those components, and surface conditioning is an outstanding parameter which greatly influences the fatigue life. A widely used industrial process for surface condition enhancement is shot peening, which is known to have effect both on mechanical properties and on surface microgeometry. Thus in order to determine the optimized conditions of shot peening on disks alloys a study of various shot peening parameters has been carried on concerning laboratory test specimens of two disks materials: a titanium and a nickel based alloys.

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