Fatigue Behavior Of Shot Peened Steel

Author:  Desvignes, Gentil, Khabou
Source:  Conf Proc: ICSP-3, (p.369-376)
Doc ID:  1987028
Year of Publication:  1987
Some 4135 steel automobile parts are subjected to mechanical fatigue, and in such cases prestressing shot peening often appecialby increases working performance [1] [2]. For Wohlfarht, the contribution of shot peening to fatigue resistance stms from two phenomena: work hardening of the surface layer and the residual compressive stress resulting from the elastic return emanating from the core of the part following surface plastification under the impact of shot. The increased lifetime of ductile materials such as hard steel mainly depends on residual compressive stress. The mentioned steel has intermediate characteristics and is therefore sensitive to the two efforts.

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