Fatigue Strength Of Case Hardened And Shot Peened Gears

Author:  Hirsch, Wohlfahrt, Macherauch
Source:  Conf Proc: ICSP-3, (p.547-560)
Doc ID:  1987031
Year of Publication:  1987
Shot peening is a production treatment for components as for example springs, shafts or gears resulting in improvements of the fatigue strength. Shot peening induced changes occur in the surface of the workpiece and in layers close to the surface. These changes enclose the surface topography, characterized by the values R(max) and R(a) of surface roughness, residual stresses and their depth profiles as well as woek hardening in surface layers. Often, investigations on small laboratory specimens are used for optimizing of the shot peening parameters and for determination of basic relations about the fatigue behaviour. Whether the hereby obtained results can be transferred to components has tobe controlled in separate component tests. The present paper reports on results of shot peened gears and gearlike specimens, which not have been machined after heat treatment.

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