Fatigue Strength of Shot-Peened Grade 35 NCD 16 Steel. Variation of Residual Stresses Introduced by Shot Peening According to

Author:  Bignonnet, A.
Source:  Conf Proc: ICSP-3, (p.659-666)
Doc ID:  1987032
Year of Publication:  1987
Shot peening is a method that is widely used to improve the fatigue strength of mechanical parts subjected to high levels of stress loading. The work presented in this paper concerns a grade 35 NCD 16 steel with a tensile strength of 1,100 MPa. A comparison was made of the results obtained through two methods of surface treatment: fine grinding and shot peening. The investigation mainly addressed the variation in fatigue strength with residual stresses introduced by shot peening under four types of alternating load: rotating-bending, tension-compression, alternating-torsion and alternating torsion-bending in which the bending component is _3 times the torsion component. This investigation falls within the scope of the Fatigue Committee of the Societe Francaise de Metallurgie and was able to be completed as a result of assistance provided by nine laboratories.

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