Fundamental Aspects Of The Effect Of Shot Peening on The Fatigue Strength of Metallic Parts and Structures

Author:  Lieurade, H.P. and Bignonnet, A.
Source:  Conf Proc: ICSP-3, (p.343-360)
Doc ID:  1987034
Year of Publication:  1987
Many factors can contribute to fatigue failure; however, the fatigue strength of a part is generally determined by the microstructure and mechanical properties of its surface layers. It is for this reason that an improving method such as shot peening, which leads to the formation of surface compressive residual stresses, is widely used in mechanical industry and is beginning to be used for the construction of welded assemblies. The purpose of this bibliographical overview is firstly to describe the role of this method and the effect of shot peening parameters, and secondly to discuss the effectiveness of this method according to loading conditions and environment.

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