Peen Forming By Pointed Ball Shooting (ball Shot Forming)

Author:  Clausen, R. and Bruder, M.
Source:  Conf Proc: ICSP-3, (p.319-326)
Doc ID:  1987063
Year of Publication:  1987
In the past more than once has been reported about the possibility of producing special component curvature. This also was the subject at the 'First' and 'Second International Conference on Shot Peening'. Hence it is known, that for a reproducible fabrication of components it is essential to know about effects, which influence the shot peening process. The peening intensity and the guide of shot flow are of great importance for the resulting curvature of the components. In the main, the peening intensity can be influenced by the choice of qualified shot medium (that is material, grain size, grain shape and grain hardness), by shot velocity, processing time, coverage and shot flow. Above all, the guide of shot flow influences the momentary shape of components with its influence on the resulting final shape. Remarkable is the possible relation between the guide of shot flow and the peening intensity by partial or total overlay of peened traces (enlargment of coverage). Within the aircraft industries the use of peen forming is widespread because of its advantages at the production of curvatures on sheet metals for wings and cells. Thereby the process of manufacturing is controlled according to the different shapes, thicknesses, recesses and stringers. As for automatically working machines this means, that apart from guiding of shot flow the peening intensity has to be determined before beginning the peen forming process as well.

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