Recent Developments In Shot Peen Forming

Author:  Kopp, R. and Ball, H.
Source:  Conf Proc: ICSP-3, (p.297-308)
Doc ID:  1987070
Year of Publication:  1987
In the early nineteen-fifties, Lockheed was already using shot peening to form certain types of aircraft component. During the following decades, further use and development of this process almost certainly remained confined to the aircraft construction industry. In the initial phase, knowledge of the process was purely empirical, but considerable effort has recently been devoted to researching the technological and materials phenomena involved, developing models, and building plant and machinery capable of using computer control systems to achieve increasing component accuracy. The present contribution reports on these recent developments and on a number of investigations currently in progress at the Institut fur Bildsame Formgebung of the RWTH, Aachen. A brief theoretical presentation of the shot peen forming principle is followed by a description of two further variants, in which the process is supplemented by bending and stretching respectively. On the basis of a description of the complex elastic-plastic phenomena associated with shot peen forming, some initial FEM analyses and the problems encountered in connection with them are discussed. As an example, the procedure for calculating the forming parameters in the case of known, simple models is demonstrated and the use of an adaptive model for process controlling discussed. A final section considers some applications for shot peen forming and refinishing, partly developed in collaboration with industry.

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