Relationship Between Shot Peening Surface Strain Layer And The Fatigue Str. Of High-str.alum.alloy

Author:  Renzhi, Xiangbin, Hen
Source:  Conf Proc: ICSP-3, (p.417-422)
Doc ID:  1987071
Year of Publication:  1987
The previous investigation about the influence of shot peening (SP) on the fatigue strength of aluminium alloy have pointed out that shot peening does not affect the fatigue strength at lower stress near the fatigue limit, although it has pronounced influence on the fatigue strength at higher stress level in S-N curves. Besides, the influence of the maximum value and the distribution of residual stress (RS) induced by SP on the fatigue behavior have been seldom investigated recently, although a lot of papers about the relation between the fatigue strength and RS have been reported. Therefore the relationship between the fatigue behavior and SP effect as well as the optimum RS field of high strength aluminium alloy have been investigated in the present article.

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