Shot Peen-forming Of Nc-machined Parts With Integrated Stringers Using Large Balls

Author:  Meyer, Reccius, Schulein
Source:  Conf Proc: ICSP-3, (p.327-334)
Doc ID:  1987078
Year of Publication:  1987
In order to achieve savings in the manufacturing costs and weight, integrated parts are extensively used today during the manufacture of aerospace components. For this purpose, stringers, ribs, doublers and skins are integrated into a milled part, whereas with the traditional differential construction method these individual parts had to be riveted together. The integrated parts must, in many cases, be formed to a design-related contour. In this lecture the shot peen-forming using large balls for a stringer-reinforced fuselage skin of the Airbus A310 and a stringer-reinforced frame-sement of the watertank of the 1st stage of the Ariane 4 will be presented. The fuselage skin of the Airbus A310 is a dynamic-loaded part, whereas the frame-segment is a static, highly-stressed component. The influence of the forming procedure on the material characteristics will be indicated with the aid of qualification tests. Here the problems of internal stress, corrosion and fatigue behaviour will be entered into.

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