Shot Peening Of Fast And Electroheated Metals

Author:  Al-Obaid, Ismail, Al-Bassam
Source:  Conf Proc: ICSP-3, (p.287-294)
Doc ID:  1987081
Year of Publication:  1987
Several commercial alloys were fast heated and shot peened. Direct resistance heating (DRH) of wire samples was used as a fast heating technique in addition to exposure of some samples to high temperature before shot peening. Shot peening was performed using steel hamer and sink precooled to 0 Deg C. SEM was used to study the shot peened specimens. Also a transient heat transfer method was used to evaluate the materials. The results showed that the fast electroheating and the fast mechanical impact during the shot peening process causes the reduction of grain size to about its quarter. This results in an improvmeent of the mechanical properties. The transient heat transfer data showed a variation in the signal measured (response to transient heat transfer after heat pulse). The shot peened materials showed higher signal level than those without shot peening. The variations in heat transfer characteristics may correlate to other properties such as the mechanical properties.

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