The Investigation Of Operating Properties Of The Surface After Hammering

Author:  Barski, T.
Source:  Conf Proc: ICSP-3, (p.179-182)
Doc ID:  1987097
Year of Publication:  1987
Vibratory burnishing also known as hammering is one of uncommon and rarely applied methods of surface treatment as regards cold work. This process is aimed at improving exploitation properties of the surfaces subjected to the treatment and is applicable in hardening of pivots, shafts, arbors and the like. The essence of this method lies in hammering succeeding fragments of the treated surface area by means of a burnisher set in vibrations of the definite amplitude. The stereometry of the surface being under the treatment is determined by the shape of the burnisher's tip as well as by the treatment parameters. Specific feature of the surface that has been subjected to hammering is a regularity of recurrence of micro-unevennesses which differ, however, in form and spacing-from those produced in the course of turning or grinding. For several years now, the investigations on the operating properties of the surface after vibratory burnishing have been carried out in the Institute of Technology in Opole, Poland.

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