The Research To The Contact Fatigue Behaviour Influenced by the Residual Stresses on the Surface of the Shot Peened Specimen

Author:  Zhu, J. and Guo, P.
Source:  Conf Proc: ICSP-3, (p.525-532)
Doc ID:  1987098
Year of Publication:  1987
This paper describes the influence of surface work-hardening layer and high residual press stresses produced on the rolling specimens of 20CrMnTi steel after Heat-treatment and shot-peening on contact fatigue behavior. On the condition of our experiments, the main forms of contact fatigue failure are deep-spalling and shallow-spalling. Surface work-hardening layer and residual press stresses can repress the formation of surface cracks and retard the propagating speed of cracks, so that its contact fatigue lifetime can be greatly increased. This paper presents a diagrammatic model for the distribution of residual surface stresses and the behvior of their function.

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