Thermal Relaxation Of Shot Peening Resid.stresses In The Diff.heat Treated Plain Carbon Steel Ck 45

Author:  Hoffmann, Scholtes, Vohringer
Source:  Conf Proc: ICSP-3, (p.239-246)
Doc ID:  1987102
Year of Publication:  1987
Shot peening residual stresses are of considerable interest because of their consequences on the mechanical and/or corrosion behaviour of the material treated. Therefore, special attention has to be paid to the stability of existing shot peening residual stress states during service. In this paper, the thermal relaxation of shot peening residual stresses of the plain carbon steel Ck 45 is investigated and discussed. The influence of annealing time and temperature is quantitatively evaluated using a Zener-Wert-Avrami function, which has successfully been applied in other cases.

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