Fatigue Progress in Shot-Peened Surface Layers. (Retroactive Coverage).

Author:  Berns, H ; Weber, L
Source:  Conf Proc: ICSP-3, (p.647-654)
Doc ID:  1987113
Year of Publication:  1987
Book pg 647-654 Unnotched flat specimens of the high strength spring steel 50CrV4 are quenched and tempered to UTS-levels of 1200-1850 MPa. The mechanical surface treatment is done by prestraining, shot-peening and shot-peening under prestress and compared to the untreated condition. All specimens are loaded under four-point-bending at temperatures at 20 and --70deg C, with restriction to the fatigue life. The fatigue behaviour of the surface conditions was examined and the material state before, during and after the fatigue loading was considered.

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