Peening with fused ceramic beads

Author:  P.P. Muller, D. Urffer
Source:  Conf Proc: ICSP-3, (p.49-54)
Doc ID:  1987221
Year of Publication:  1987
INTRODUCTION The use of fused ceramic beads in shot peening and peen forming tends to develop, especially in the aircraft construction. Their physical and mechanical characteristics differ much from both conventional media: glass and cast steel beads (1) (2). The macroscopic effects of peening and the behaviour of various shots can be forecasted, in a qualitative or semi-quantitative manner. So, it is possible to take advantage of the specific properties of the fused ceramic shot in defining the necessary adjustment to the working stock and to the operation parameters. The following lines offer an attempt at forecasting simple effects on ALMEN intensity, surface roughness or surface pollution. The internal stress pattern can be calculated by recent models (6) but their complexity is beyond the scope of this technological approach.

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