An Approach To The Design Of Centrifugal Magnetic Peening System

Author:  MC Sharma, Ajit Dixit, A. Mubeen
Source:  Conf Proc: ICSP-4, (p.113-118)
Doc ID:  1990004
Year of Publication:  1990
A new design for a portable centrifugal peening system was attempted. A magnet, which is mounted at the end of a rotating arm picks up steel shots and throws at required place by the use of commutator. A model was made and tested for the principle of working and it is found satisfactory. But, however, further improvements are necessary for actual use for peening purpose. The purpose of this investigation was to eliminate the conventional huge shot elevator and shot regulator. Magnetisation it self will pickup required quantity of shots and thus separate shot elevator and regulator are not required. Descriptors: Centrifugal peening system; Magnetic wheel and commutator

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