An Investigation Of The Durability And Breakdown Characteristics Of Shot Peening Media

Author:  Gillespie, R.D. and Gloerfeld, H.
Source:  Conf Proc: ICSP-4, (p. 27-36)
Doc ID:  1990005
Year of Publication:  1990
The beneficial effects of shot peening inextending fatigue life has become quite well known in the metals field. Today's engineers are becoming more and more dependent on shot peening to provide resistance to fatigue failures in cyclically loaded parts. Certain fatigue critical components must have proper shot peening in order to meet their minimum life requirements. The first item needed to provide high quality shot peening is a high quality peening media. However, recent technical data investigating important properties of commonly used shot peening media is not readily available. This paper discusses these properties: size, shape, hardness, density and durability (Useful Life and Resistance to Fracture) of commonly used shot peening media. Also discussed is each media's potential for creating surface damage caused by impact of sharp edged or broken particles. The media exhibiting the best properties in all six categories is wrought steel shot.

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