Effect Of Glass Beads Nature, Manufacturing And Ageing On The Behaviour Of Shot Peened Aeronautical Materials

Author:  P. Arker, J. Lu, J. Flavenot
Source:  Conf Proc: ICSP-4, (p.209-218)
Doc ID:  1990023
Year of Publication:  1990
The present study shows the effects of glass beads nature, manufacturing and ageing on microstructure, residual stresses of shot peened aluminium alloy (2024) and titanium alloy (TA6V). The results obtained on the components shot peened by two types of glass beads will be compared: classical glass beads (soda-lime-silica) and new special glass beads (alumino-silica). This study concerning the ageing effect of glass beads on the microstructure and residual stresses as a function of the number of the using cycles of the beads. The mechanisms of beads failure is analysed for two types of beads. The influence of the ageing of the glass beads on the surface roughness is also studied. This study shows that the research on the mechanism of failure of glass beads during ageing is very important for the development of the new glass beads to improve the surface quality and the mechanical behaviour of the shot peened component. It is possible to manufacture the new glass beads with optimised properties. Descriptors: New glass beads; Ageing; Aluminium alloy; Titanium alloy; Roughness; Residual stress; Hardness

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