Effect Of Shot Peening And Polymer Coating On Corrosion Fatigue Behaviour Of Carbon Steels

Author:  Sharma, M.C. and Rao, R.N.V.D.M.
Source:  Conf Proc: ICSP-4, (p.551-560)
Doc ID:  1990025
Year of Publication:  1990
Spring and structural steels were investigated for corrosion fatigue under artificial sea-water. They did not show appreciable improvement under shot peened condition alone. While peened and polymer coated samples showed greater fatigue strength improvement than unpeened coated samples. But for low carbon steel when peening was carried out after carburising, hardening and tempering, it showed 30% improvement in corrosion fatigue strength with respect to that of carburised hardened and tempered specimens. This shows that shot peening over harder surface has greater advantage. 50% improvement was observed when specimens were shot peened and coated than unpeened coated ones, under corrosion fatigue for both the steels. Descriptors: Controlled peening; Carburising; Polymer coat; Peening intensity; Coverage; Saturation curve; Corrosion fatigue

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