Effect Of Shot Peening Conditions On Fatigue Strength Of Carburized Steels

Author:  H. Aoki, E. Nagashima, T. Miura
Source:  Conf Proc: ICSP-4, (p.513-518)
Doc ID:  1990026
Year of Publication:  1990
We investigated the effect of different shot peening conditions on the fatigue strength of carburized steels. The results of investigation indicate that the shot peening is exceedingly effective in improving the fatigue strength with carburized steel specimens but its effectiveness is greatly affected by its conditions. In applying the shot peening, therefore, it is important to select the conditions that can bring out its maximum effect. Descriptors: Carburized steel; Shot peening; Fatigue strength; Projection density; Shot size; Shot hardness; Shot velocity

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